Composing Software in an Age of Dissonance.  The talk I gave accepting the Dahl-Nygaard award at ECOOP 2017. Thoughts on design and taste structured via composability.

Utopia and Dystopia: Smalltalk and the Wider World. A talk given at Smalltalks 2016.   Tough love for Smalltalk and its community: a friendly critique.

What Object-Oriented Programming Should Be.  A talk I gave at hack.summit in December 2014.  Somewhat oriented toward Java programmers, it describes ideal principles of OOP and briefly indicates how Newspeak realizes these.

Whither Web Programming.  A talk given at InfoQ NY in June 2014.  On weaknesses of the web as a programming platform and what can be done about them.  Demos a number of projects that build advanced programming technology on top of the web, and discusses why they have an inordinately hard time doing so.

Deconstructing Functional Programming. A talk given at InfoQ San Francisco in November 2013.  Takes FP apart, separating the important ideas from the hype and cultural myths.  Deliberately provocative and controversial.  If you don’t have a sense of humor, don’t watch it.

Does Thought Crime Pay?.  A keynote given at Onward! 2013.  How Lisp, Smalltalk, Beta and Self led us to the world of C++, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP and Perl.

The Art of Programming Language Design: Confessions of a Connoisseur. A keynote given at Imperial College in September 2012.  On the role of taste in PL design.

Modules as Objects in Newspeak. Slides of my presentation of the paper of the same name at ECOOP 2010.

Deconstructing Java.  A presentation given at PLDE 2010 at IBM Haifa in April 2010.  A constructive critique of some features of the Java(tm) programming language with the benefit of hindsight.

Linguistic Reflection via Mirrors. A screencast of a lecture I gave at HPI Potsdam in January 2010. A fairly comprehensive talk about mirrors, including a demo of mirrors in Newspeak.  57 minutes.

Inside Newspeak. An interview I gave on Microsoft’s channel 9 during 09.  Gives an  overview of the motivation for Newspeak. Makes the connection between Newspeak, objects as software services and cloud computing in a developer-friendly way. 31 minutes.

Hopscotch: An IDE and GUI Application Framework for Newspeak. An overview and  demo of Hopscotch (30 minutes) given at 09.

Embedding DSLs in Newspeak: NewShell, EBNF and Hopscotch. Video of my talk at DSL Dev Con 09. 45 minutes.

The Newspeak Programming  Language. Video of a presentation at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam in March 2008. A long talk discussing Newspeak in some detail.

Newspeak. Video of talk at 08. A high level overview of Newspeak and our parser combinator library, as of January 2008. 30 minutes.

Executable Grammars. Given at JAOO 2007.

Objects as Software Services, An invited talk at the Dynamic Language Symposium at OOPSLA 2005. See a video of an updated version on YouTube.

ECOOP 2005 Banquet Speech, Glasgow, Scotland.

Towards Secure Systems Programming Languages, A keynote talk I gave at SAC 2004.

Pluggable Types, originally given at Aarhus University in March 2003, and repeated since at Berne and elsewhere.

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Tower of Babel. Bruegel the Elder, 1563